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    5 Rules For Future Cops

    I received the following in an Email message that was sent to me from PoliceLink. It is very good advice for those who are thinking about a law enforcement career. Just remember, it only takes one "Aw crap" to wipe out 10 "atta boys."
    5 Rules For Future Cops
    No one says you have to wear a halo or be perfect to be a cop, but there are some things that may hinder you in your quest to become a law enforcement officer. Below are 5 tips to help you stay the course, especially in your high school and college years.
    1. Alcohol and Drugs
    If they are illegal, don't do them. Resist any temptation from peer. If you are at a party or in a social setting where there is a potential to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then leave.
    2.Try to work towards a college degree
    Most states require police officers to be 21 years of age. If you decide in high school that you want to become a police officer, you have three years to wait anyway, you should be getting as many college credits as you can while you wait.
    3. Keep your credit score in good shape
    It is hard to resist credit card offers, especially in today's economy when money is so tight, but do not get yourself in debt that you simply cannot repay. This will destroy your credit card score and your application. Police agencies will see this as irresponsible. If you cannot manage your own affairs it makes it hard for a police department to trust you with theirs.
    4. Social networking sites
    Be extremely careful about how much information you post on social networking sites. (Facebook, Twitter, etc) The more of your personal life you put in pictures and words, the more of your personal life that is subject to review in your background investigations. Keep your information and posts generic and always check your private settings so that only your close friends can view your information.
    5. Driving record
    It will be important for you to be able to prove that you are a responsible, mature driver. Police officers are entrusted with expensive cars and equipment all designed so that officers can get to people in need of assistance quickly and safely. Having at fault accidents and reckless traffic tickets will not help you.
    If you follow these tips and work hard, when the time comes, you too will be able to walk across the stage of your police academy graduation and watch your chief pin that badge on your chest and you will look back at that party you attended in college where everyone was lighting up a blunt and say, wow, I sure am glad I left that party when I did.
    Source: PoliceLink
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    I have never learned anything while I was talking!!!

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    sound advice.

    Go a step further...get rid of your social networking while trying to be an officer. When you become an officer and know more what is expected of you, then go ahead and try to have a mature respectable social network life. I got rid of all but twitter because I had the habit of "inappropriate" humor and tended to irk a lot of people even though it was 99.9% for shock value. Even on twitter I got sucked into adding to other peoples' "inappropriate" posts like Louis C.K. and Jim Norton, so I went through EVERY post I ever made and deleted anything offensive, or frowned upon for an officer. I made sure only to use twitter as a source of information from news, companies, bands etc... Being an officer is a 25/8/366 job. I've learned that and I'm not even an officer yet! Rule of thumb: If your mom would be disappointed then your chief would too! Good luck all! We all need it.



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